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Intensive Care Units

Under the emergency health services People’s Hospital has a well equipped and advanced set of Intensive care units staffed with specialist and dedicated medical professionals working round the clock to ensure a timely treatment to patients. This comprises _____ Medical ICUs, _____ Surgical ICUs, ____ NICU , and _____ PICU. 

Facilities & Services Available:

  • Medical ICU
  • Surgical ICU
  • NICU
  • PICU
Imaging Services

The Radiology and Imaging Services Department of the People’s Hospital offers some of the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic modalities available in healthcare today. Our comprehensive range of imaging services and procedures maintain the high quality that physicians and patients expect.

Facilities & Services Available:

  • USG
  • X-ray
  • Portable X-ray
  • M.R.I
  • Mammography
  • DSA  
Blood Bank

The Blood bank at People’s Hospital is functional 24*7 for effective convenience of patients and caters to all the emergency needs of blood and its components. In addition to in-house services, the blood bank also helps other affiliated hospitals with their blood/blood component needs.  

Facilities & Services Available:

  • Collection and issue of whole human blood I.P.
  • Concentrated Human Red Blood Cells I.P.
  • Platelet concentrate U.S.P
  • Fresh Frozen Plasma B.P
  • Cryoprecipitate
  • Plasmapheresis
  • Plateletpheresis
Health Checkup

We at People’s hospital ensure convenient health checkup services at affordable rates. By committing to the best treatment and diagnosis of various diseases we aim to optimize health safety. The various health checkup plans at the hospital comprises of the following packages, 

Treatment & Facilities Available: 

  • Basic health checkup
Laboratory Services

We at People’s Hospital provide professional laboratory diagnostic services to patients in our care, as well as collection services for outpatient clinics. The Clinical Laboratory, along with its hard working staff, upholds its deals in achieving the vision and mission by providing a variety of services and tests to the patients at affordable costs.


Facilities & Services Available:

  • Complete blood count (CBC), which includes:
    • White blood cell count (WBC)
    • Red blood cell count (RBC)
    • Platelet count
    • Hematocrit red blood cell volume (HCT)
    • Hemoglobin concentration (HB). This is the oxygen-carrying protein in red blood cells.
  • Prothrombin time (PT) Partial Thromboplastin Time (PTT) International Normalized Ratio (INR) 
Dietetics And Kitchen

Dietetics services and catering services are the two main services provided by the Dietetics and Kitchen Service Department. Dietitians provide Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) and dietary counselling to patients as part of their dietetics services.

The hospital foodservice services provide meals to all in-patients through outsourcing, manages dry and night ration supplies to staff on night shift, and monitors meal services provided to patients, paramedics, and on-call doctors.

Facilities & Services Available:

  • Dietetic assessment service
  • Kitchen service

People’s Hospital’s Physiotherapy Department is a multidisciplinary team that provides preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care services to promote healthy lifestyles.

Facilities & Services Available:

  • Interferential therapy (IFT)
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Short Wave Diathermy (SWD)
  • Traction – cervical / lumbar
  • Paraffin wax therapy
  • Moist heat therapy
  • Electric Stimulations
  • Combi therapy
  • Continuous passive motion
  • Exercise therapy
  • Pulmonary function test
  • Physiotherapy related to Geriatric rehabilitation
  • Neuro rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy related to Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy related to Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Physiotherapy for Pain Management
  • Physiotherapy for Sports injuries

The in-house pharmacy at People’s Hospital offers a wide range of medication services both on outpatient and inpatient basis, with a patient-focused, cost-effective and cost-efficient approach. The hospital’s pharmacy stores are staffed by qualified pharmacists and technicians.

Facilities & Services Available:

  • 24 hr x 7 day pharmacy for OPD and IPD

All ambulances are outfitted with the necessary equipment and medications to provide first aid to patients of all ages. When an ambulance is called for an emergency, medical professionals provide comprehensive medical care and quickly transport the patient to the desired clinic for required treatment.

Facilities & Services Available:

  • BLS Ambulance service
  • ACLS Ambulance service