Our Medical Services

Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery

The Aesthetic, plastic, and reconstructive surgery department of the People’s Hospital is well equipped with an expert team of qualified surgeons and experienced technicians. The medical staff is renowned for attending to patients’ aesthetic needs and giving them the greatest outcomes while ensuring their complete safety and contentment. In order to provide patients with the greatest and highest quality care to improve their appearance and help them feel more confident about their personalities, the staff adheres to high standards of surgical skill.


The department of Anesthesia at People’s Hospital is well equipped with trained medical staff and specialist doctors to deal with patients before they undergo a possible surgical procedure. Anesthesiologists at the department of Anesthesia administer anesthetic, and monitor patient care before, during, and after surgery to ensure that patients receive the best possible care


The Department of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy, was established in 2011, is dedicated to offering high-quality dermatological care to the residents of the city at affordable costs. The department deals with all kinds of skin diseases and disorders and is committed to provide the best care possible.


The Dental department of People’s Hospital is responsible for administering all kinds of diseases and disorders related to oral health. The hospital has dedicated dental surgeons and specialists who are well versed with providing the right treatment for all kinds of dental health disorders